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Client Case Profiles

The best way to learn about a company, is by seeing how they work with their clients. These sample client case profiles we provide is to show how Franklin Management Systems tailors their solutions to the specific needs of the client. Through their intake process, Franklin Management Systems evaluates the types of support and services that will work best for the individual clients, growing and expanding as the client’s business does.

Franklin Management specializes in working with small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits because we understand their business model and challenges. We have a tax division that allows us to advise the small business owner/executive in an area that they have very little understanding – that has a large impact on their business. This helps in the decision making process as well because when we have access to the books of a company we know what is going on all year as opposed to once a year or semi-annually which is more the norm of interaction between the tax practitioner and owner. The tax wing of our business helps us to give the client a more complete financial solution.